David Rendel, a psychiatrist, meets Shlomo Weider, a Holocaust Survivor, at a Holocaust Memorial Day event at the Holocaust Centre in 2003. David’s father, also a Survivor, died many years before and never told his story to anyone in his family. The two men strike up a conversation and Shlomo mentions that he was, of course, with David’s father throughout the war and knew him well. Based on a remarkable true story, David and Shlomo have a conversation which they later adapt as a radio production.

The play is set in a rehearsal room where the two men, each accompanied by one of his children, are asked to read the play aloud to check the content before the actors record it. But David’s son has no idea of the content of the play and how it will bring to life the grandfather he never knew.

Produced and performed by the Jewish Theatre Company, ‘Conversations’ deals with the story of one Survivor and how the Holocaust has touched the second and third generations.

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You can listen to a special radio recording of “Conversations” in the player below.